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NIGERIAS INFRASTRUCTURE YET TO MEET REQUIREMENTS FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT In recognition that the development and maintenance of essential public infrastructure is a critical ingredient for sustained economic growth and poverty reduction, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) says infrastructure play an important role in growth performance of any economy. Read More





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Institute of Global Facilities Management is non-profit making Training Institute, with objectives of "advancing the Art and Science of Facilities Management, Globally". The Institute offers a world class training services covering; Oil and Gas Management, Health and Safety Management, Environmental Management, Energy and power Management, and Real Estate Management. We are out-and-out, caring for the built environment.

Institute of Global Facilities Management (IGFM) council members recognize the fact that lack of infrastructure and poor management are the main reasons for Africa underdevelopment. These range from diversification of fund meant for capital project, Lack of Financing, Lack of maintenance culture, Vandalism, inferior equipments, corruption, and frosty policy. The Institute is out to address this menace.

Facilities Management is a 'Multi-Disciplinary engineering and reengineering of non-core business activities within the infrastructural environment and the management of their impact upon the profit and the work place'. Facilities Management Popularly known as FM deals with the management of the 'built environments', the physical infrastructures.

The Institute is managed by Council Members as appointed by the board of Trustees at the Annual General Meetings consisting of the President and eight other (8) who attend the Institute meeting regularly. IGFM have an open door policy to collaborate with various stake holders in the field of infrastructure development. We are poised to create enabling environment for members through consistent networking, creating awareness and to continue collaborating with authorities on the needs for infrastructure development.


  • People Management
  • Working with suppliers and specialists
  • Property portfolio management
  • Building fabric Maintenance
  • Health and Safety officers
  • Managing Building services
  • Managing Support services
  • Project management
  • Customer services
  • Environmental management
  • Space management
  • Real Estate Development
  • Energy and power
  • Infrastructure management
  • Procurement
  • Risk management
  • Financial management
  • Quality management
  • Information management
  • Oil and gas management
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